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If you are wanting your product to featured, please read the below info and fill out the form.


Why are we offering product reviews? We are offering this service to review the quality of products and services used by everyday parents.


Our focus is on the products of small businesses, Direct Sales and Party Plan Companies. The reviews are written by the staff at The Darawell Group, LLC, the parent company of We use the content to help customers decide which company they should go with. I know from experience that some companies just don't work for certain people. I learned the hard way :) Plus with the review you will be gaining customers, sales and sign-ups. In addition, you may be included in

our Blog that we offer on our website.

What we are/are not looking for. 

  • We are looking for moms and dads who own a private/small business or are in the Direct Sales, Party Plan industry.

  • Actual Product or Service. If we are doing a product review, you will need to ship your product to us. In return we are offering free advertising on the  shopping directory of If it is a product we need to purchase, then the free advertising will not apply to you. 

  • We are not looking for the following: Adult Websites, Health Benefits and Business Opportunities. In the future we will be offering reviews on business opportunities. 

Please Note: We will not return products. If by chance we get a negative review, we will not post the review online. 


If you have a product you would like reviewed, please complete the form below:

Email Address:
Product or Business for Review:
Type of Business:
Will a product be sent in for review?: Yes
Is this a service?: Yes
Questions / Comments:

By participating in the service, you will be compensated by free advertising in the Shopping Directory only. All other areas, will be at the current rate. If you are not sending in an item, you will not be offered the free advertising in the shopping directory.

Disclaimer: All product reviews are the opinions and reviews from direct use of the product or services offered. They are in no way the opinions of the parent companies or manufacturers of the products or services. The Darawell Group, LLC strives for honesty and forthrightness in all reviews offered on this website.

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